Grand Park Los Angeles 2017 Dia de los Muertos

Reminicent of Xochimilco and Mexico City, 9 floral vessels are set adrift on the water. They capture the essence and heart of Janitzio/ Patzcuaro’s Day of the Dead celebrations of November 2nd. And, they pay homage to the 9
levels that the dead face on their journey to Mictlán, as their soul transitions to the underworld upon their death.
For generations, waterways have served as a means of transport, transition, and influence between regions and people. Spiritually, they are regarded as a passageway for offerings to the gods and to the underworld, which
has played a significant role in death and dying traditions in both pre-European contact and post-contact eras.
Dedicated to loved ones past and the prospect of rebirth, the vessels are adorned with elements associated with the 4 Directions (Suns). Among the offerings is the iconic image of the Catrina or “Lady of the Dead.” She rides
atop a decorated floating vessel filled with marigolds and elements associated with the 4 directions. The Catrina is both the guiding vessel for the accompanying floral altars and the whimsical focal point of this tribute.


Los Angeles Dia de los Muertos has taken off! Scottsdale, AZ here we come! We are excited and honored to be celebrating Dia de los Muertos with Scottsdale for the first time.

We wanted to share with you some videos and images from the wonderful celebration that we have already begun in Los Angeles at the Grand Park LA. Don't forget! Keep the November 2nd date in your calendar (4-10pm) at the Old Adobe Mission! Bring everyone! It will be a great big family event for all!

And, LORE is so proud of our artist, Marcus Pollitz and our beautiful installation Offerings of the Dawn Passage. See him interviewed here!

And, our very own Robert Ramirez and Olivia Trevino have been leading tours to help visitors better understand and enjoy Dia de los Muertos celebrations in Grand Park LA.

We look forward to bringing the same experience to Scottsdale on November 2nd. Join us!

~ The LORE Team