Meet the Aztec Storyteller - Michael Heralda
Michael Heralda, Aztec Stories, copyright LORE Producitons, 2013 Scottsdale Dia de los Muertos

Michael Heralda, Aztec Stories, copyright LORE Producitons, 2013 Scottsdale Dia de los Muertos

Lore Productions is proud to present Michael Heralda, the premiere Aztec Storyteller in the United States, as part of the Scottsdale Dia de los Muertos at the Old Adobe Mission event in Scottsdale, Arizona this Nov 2-5, 2017 Please join us a the event and learn more about this amazing artist below!

Michael Heralda an artist, songwriter, storyteller and poet.  Since 1995 Michael has shared his interactive Aztec Stories presentations with interested listeners and participants of all ages across the United States. 

A short list of presentation venues include:

  • The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian (in New York and Washington DC)

  • Lincoln Center’s Out-of-Doors Festival (New York, NY)

  • The HEARD Museum (Phoenix, AZ)

  • The Southwest Museum (Los Angeles)

  • The Autry National Museum (Los Angeles)

  • The National Museum of Mexican Art (Chicago, IL)

  • The Yale Peabody Museum (New Haven, CT)

  • The Getty Museum (Los Angeles, CA)

  • And at over 300 K-12 Schools and libraries across the U.S.

Supporting musicians typically include members of his family (his wife, son, daughter, and grandsons) depending on the types of presentations scheduled.

Born in Los Angeles, California, in 1951, Michael’s interest in music and art began at an early age being influenced by his mother and uncle who were both self-taught musicians.

Michael performs on instruments that include: numerous hand-made indigenous styled instruments from the Mexica/Aztec and Mayan culture.  One of Michael’s music mentors is Xavier Quijas Yxayotl.


In 1993 Michael created his Aztec Stories program – a cultural, educational, musically interactive presentation for all ages.  It was designed to share the beauty and highly developed society of the Mexica/Aztec culture from an indigenous perspective.

In 1994 he recorded his first CD titled “Aztec Stories.”  Since then Michael has recorded his second and third CDs and had a short story titled “A man who works the land” published in “Cantos Al Sexto Sol” - An Anthology of Aztlanahuac Writing published by Wings Press and edited by Cecilio García-Camarillo, Roberto Rodríguez, and Patrisia Gonzales.

In addition to his popular Aztec Stories presentations Michael has also developed the following themed programs:

  • A Spring-Time Program

  • The Origins of Dia de Los Muertos

  • A first-person account of the life and times of Huey Tlatoani Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin – the 9th elected ruler of the Mexica people.

In addition, Michael has participated in numerous family festivals, conferences, symposiums and has been interviewed on local as well as nationally syndicated radio stations, appeared on the TV Cable show “Behind the Artist,” and has contributed music for two documentary films, one titled “Weaving the Past” and the other titled “Living on the Dime,” as well as two independent student films.


  1. Durfee Arc Grant

  2. Elaine Weissman L.A. Treasures Award (3)



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