2018 Return of Michael Heralda


Michael Heralda returns to Scottsdale, sharing sights, sounds and stories from the Aztec culture, bringing to life the beauty and consciousness of this ancient society with his engaging interactive performances.

Michael has been presenting his educational, musical and interactive cultural programs since 1995, but the real beginning was in 1993 when this songwriter/poet/storyteller created the Aztec Stories program. It was conceived as an all ages presentation designed to recall and demonstrate the beauty and high level of development of this ancient society from an indigenous perspective.

The creation of the “Aztec Stories” program was followed in 1994 by the release of Michael’s first CD titled “Aztec Stories”, and expansion of the program release, moving into live presentation in 1995. Since then, his second and third CDs have been recorded and released, and his short story: “A man who works the land” was published in “Cantos Al Sexto Sol” -An anthology of Aztlantahuac Writing published by Wings Press and edited by Cecilio García-Camarillo, Roberto Rodríguez, and Patrisia Gonzales.


The presentations are a thought provoking and intriguing way of connecting to the culture of ancient Mexico and the indigenous Mexika (me-shee-ka)/Aztecs. For some the “Aztec Stories” experience may reawaken awareness of a rich ancient legacy. For others it may bring a new understanding of a culture who’s focus was upon art, beauty and philosophy.

Supporting musicians working with Michael weave a rich tapestry interactive of ancient lore and interest, tailored specifically to entertain and educate attending audiences. Stories, ballads, and narratives presented are all true and based upon accounts of what is termed “oral tradition”; -stories handed down from generation to generation.


Other themed programs offered by Michael:

• Aztec Stories - Spring Program

• Oral Tradition Storytelling

• The Origins of Dia de los Muertos

• A Visit with Motecuhzoma - Ruler of the Mexica People (A first-person account of the life and times of Huey Tlatoani Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin – the 9th elected ruler of the Mexica people)

• The Seven Warrior Foods of the Mexica People

• Instrument Making Workshop & other lectures

Michael has performed for many family festivals, symposiums and conferences, has been interviewed on national radio, appeared on the TV show: “Behind the Artist”, and contributed music for four films: “Weaving the Past” and “Living of the Dime”, and two independent student films.


Michael’s Awards include:
1. Durfee Arc Grant

2. Elaine Weissman L.A. Treasures Award (3)

Michael’s website: AztecStories.com provides ongoing information and details about his appearances, programs, musical instruments and expansion of ancient lore and information.

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